Small Business Video: Need a low cost video? Our 30 second video packages will make an instant impact. Email [email protected] for a quote.


30 seconds of runtime
Professional voiceover & music
Full script & illustrated storyboard
Graphics, captions, animation & post-production
Your stills and photos
Pro image library stills
(Optional professional video clips)

Mini Corporate Video: Show off your company’s capabilities. Email [email protected] for a quote

You – and your business associates – speaking to camera, telling your story.
Expert filming of your premises, staff and location – with a Director and Camera Operator
True 1080 HD footage, and full video shooting kit with a camera crane, steadicam, specialist lights, gyroscopic camera mount, plus a full audio kit, complete with clip or boom microphones.
Top professional voiceover – male or female – to link the segments in your video
Animated titles and captions to highlight names and key points
High quality music to add life & energy
Video post production to create a stunning finished product

Figurehead Video: Feature your CEO, President, VIPs and Directors on Camera. Email [email protected] for a quote.

If you want to make a special announcement to shareholders, a special message to management or an announcement to customers. we can make your message stand out.

Video is the most powerful medium to spread that message.

Key features to your video:

We provide a teleprompter so you look natural while reading your precise business message to camera. There is a reason that professionals use them, it makes your video a step above others.

Green Screen

We can shoot you against a green screen, and later dub you over a corporately styled graphic background, complete with professional titles, just like CNN and the major news channels.
Script Assistance
We proof read your script to make sure it reads well so you not only look great but sound great too.

Pro Lighting Kit
We light you using professional lights so the footage looks great, and you look great. No drab features or dark corners here!

Professional Audio
Our microphones and audio capture ensure clear and crisp audio and voiceovers.
Director & Camera Operator

Professional Production
We supply a professional corporate video director who will coach you for maximum performance on camera. Whatever your best is, we can help you get there!

Should you require alternative locations, such as speaking at a conference, or a studio setting with set design we can configure a package that will work for you.

Video Testimonials: Let your customers tell your story. Email [email protected] for a detailed quote

Client testimonials tell your story from the side of those who use your services and products. The positive stories will create greater interest in what you offer. Client testimonials are a cost effective way to tell your message.

These videos are perfect for testimonial or about us sections on your website.

Presenter Video: Demonstrate a product or service. Email [email protected] for a quote.

The most impactful web video solutions use real people. Someone who can talk to your customers when they visit your web site.

One on one communication is convincing, heartfelt, persuasive and authoritative. A professional presenter will add the human touch to your web pages.

We provide a complete end-to-end service, from concept to shooting to finished work.