Governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories Invest in Transportation Infrastructure


July 7, 2016 – Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


Communities across the Northwest Territories will soon benefit from more reliable transportation infrastructure. The governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories (NWT) today announced $80.9 million in joint funding to improve accessibility to and from remote communities in the North and to ensure the movement of goods across major trade routes.

Improving the transportation system has a long-term impact on economic growth in NWT. Ongoing investments in transportation infrastructure can contribute to improving the quality of life of communities by ensuring people have diverse employment, economic and social opportunities. The NWT also has enormous potential for non-renewable resource development, ensuring effective access to areas of high mineral potential, reducing exploration and development costs for industry, and leading to economic growth.

The Northwest Territories Highway Improvement Initiative includes the rehabilitation of nine bridges, three access roads, and the construction of a four-bay highway maintenance facility in James Creek. The projects are also aimed at repairing aging roads and improving structural capacity of existing infrastructure.

The Initiative’s 13 highway infrastructure components are all being funded through the Small Communities Fund. The Government of the Northwest Territories is taking advantage of the new streamlined process allowing them to begin project development during this construction season.

Through the Small Communities Fund, the governments of Canada and Northwest Territories will continue to work in partnership to fund priority public infrastructure projects that will contribute to stronger, more inclusive, and sustainable communities in the North.

The Government of Canada will provide $60,675,000 through the Small Communities Fund for the 13 projects and the Northwest Territories will contribute the remaining $20,225,000.


“The Government of Canada has made an unprecedented commitment of more than $120 billion for public infrastructure projects across Canada through the Investing in Canada plan. By working in partnership with our territorial partner, we will make smart investments that promote sustainable development in the Northwest Territories. The highway infrastructure investments announced today will have a positive and lasting impact on the quality of life for Northern Canadians for years to come.”

Michael McLeod, Member of Parliament for the Northwest Territories, on behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“Northern infrastructure strengthens not just our territory, but the entire country. Investments in the Northwest Territories’ transportation system help to improve the safety of the travelling public, adapt to the effects of climate change, lower the cost of living, and support economic opportunities in our communities. Funding agreements with Canada are critical for these transportation infrastructure improvements, and we hope to continue this successful partnership.”

The Honourable Wally Schumann,Minister of TransportationGovernment of the Northwest Territories

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