Drunken Man chooses Bingo Over Court Appearance – Gets Arrested

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A 58 year old Kingston man will make a belated court appearance on Friday afternoon after drawing attention to himself by being intoxicated in a north Kingston bingo hall.

Staff at the Community Sprit Bingo on Montreal Street called police at 11:20p.m. Thursday night after noticing a man who appeared intoxicated, falling asleep, and was refusing to leave.

When officers arrived and identified the man, they found that the male had failed to appear for a scheduled court date earlier that morning and that the judge had issued a bench warrant for his arrest. Officers duly arrested the man, and he was held in police cells to be brought before the courts on the strength of the bench warrant.

The man was originally charged on November 17th, 2016 with fraudulently obtaining accommodation and breach of undertaking. He will appear Friday afternoon in the Ontario for a bail hearing. He faces two new charges of failing to comply with release conditions, and failing to appear in court.