Water Levels Return To Normal Ranges

042417 waterlevels

Kingston – The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has ended its Flood Watch Statement today, moving back to a Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety.

Lake levels across the CRCA are now within the usual ranges for this time of year. Based on the current forecasts, levels are expecting to remain within normal ranges going forward. They are still at the high end of normal, and caution is still recommended around the cold, deep, fast flowing water.

A reminder to everyone that stream and river banks are slippery, water currents are strong, and the water itself remains dangerously cold. The CRCA urges residents to exercise extra caution outdoors around lakes and streams, and to stay away from the cold, deep, fast flowing watercourses, as well as any dams. The dangers of drowning and hypothermia are heightened at this time of year because of the unpredictability of water flows, and cold temperatures.

This Watershed Conditions Statement will remain in effect until Friday April 28, 2017.