Damaged Trailer Removed From Highway

042717 truck

(LEEDS, ON.) – Members of the Ontario Provincial Police are continuing an investigation into a damaged trailer removed from Highway 401.

On the 25th of April 2017 at about 10:00 PM. Members of the Ontario Provincial Police HET (Highway Enforcement Team), in Front of Yonge Township stopped a tractor trailer on Highway 401 after observing damage on the trailer.

Investigation revealed that the driver hit a loading dock in Montreal damaging the trailer. With the structural integrity of the trailer gone completely, the driver had used a nylon strap to tie up broken cross members. The driver’s intention was to drive to Toronto where he would have it fixed.

A 23 year old Windsor man was charged under the Highway Traffic Act for driving a commercial motor vehicle with a major defect. His plates were removed and his trailer was removed from the highway.