Flood Warnings Extended for Local Lakes


KINGSTON ON – The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has added the following lakes to the Flood Warning today:


– Colonel By Lake – Cranberry Lake – Dog Lake
– Gananoque Lake – Marble Rock Road – Newboro Lake
– Opinicon Lake – Sand Lake

Lakes still under Flood Warning from July 25:
– Buck Lake – Canoe Lake – Charleston Lake
– Devil Lake – Kingsford/Desert Lake – Loughborough Lake
– Lower Beverley Lake – Singleton Lake – Sydenham Lake
– Upper Beverley Lake

High water levels on inland lakes and streams will been seen in the days to come as water from Monday’s storm works its way through the system. Of particular note, Charleston Lake is expected to reach the high water level that was experienced in May. The rate of increase on Charleston was five inches per day and has now slowed to 2” per day, however, exceptionally high levels are expected to remain for several days. Flooding of low-lying areas may occur or is already occurring in the affected areas. Many roadways have been closed due to flooding, please visit your municipal website for updates.

Water managers continue to conduct operations to minimize the effects and pass flows down through the system.

The CRCA is urging residents to exercise caution outdoors around lakes and streams, and to stay away from deep, fast flowing watercourses, as well as any dams and outflow channels.

CRCA staff will continue to monitor conditions and forecasts, and will update statements as needed. The Flood Warning will remain in effect until Wednesday August 2, 2017.

The Flood Watch for Buells/Butlers Creek and the Detention Basin in Brockville remains in effect until Thursday July 27, 2017.