CRCA Issues Flood Watch – October 14th, 2017


KINGSTON ON – The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has issued a Flood Watch today for eastern Lake Ontario shorelines and areas of the upper St. Lawrence River close to the Lake.
The Surface Water Monitoring Centre of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has issued a Provincial Flood Watch for Lower Great Lakes Region due to storm surge.
“Sustained Winds in excess of 50 km/h from south-­‐southwest transitioning into west are forecast for the Lower Great Lakes Region on Sunday through the day into the evening/overnight hours.
Wind Gusts could reach 80+ km/h.“Sustained winds/wind gusts has the potential to cause waves…in excess of 1.5 m on Lake Ontario as per the
Surface Water Monitoring Centre’s Storm Surge Model as of Saturday afternoon’s model run…
As a result of high waves and storm surge flooding is expected along Lakes Erie, Ontario and St Clair coastlines in vulnerable areas.”
Residents are remined that in addition to the potential for flooding during period of high winds and waves, erosion that may occur along the shoreline is also a concern.
For up-to-date Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River water levels in your area visit the following
Fisheries and Oceans Canada links:
For up-to-date wind and wave forecasts visit the following links to marine forecasts: (Eastern Lake Ontario) (Kingston to Cornwall)
Property owners are also reminded to turn off electricity to buildings or structures in flood prone or low-lying areas and to move gasoline and other chemicals to higher ground. Any work along shorelines (e.g. placement of fill, armour stone, etc.) will require a permit from the CRCA. Call our office or visit our website ( for further information.
Municipalities are being advised and will be assessing the situation to determine appropriate response. They can be contacted to inquire about physical/material assistance (e.g. sand and
sand bags).
For further information on Lake Ontario visit
For up to date flooding information, please visit the CRCA’s flood forecasting and information page at
CRCA staff will continue to monitor conditions, forecasts, and update statements as needed.
This Flood Watch will remain in effect until Tuesday, October 17, 2017.