‘It’s only a leg’: 10 years after freak accident, Bishop’s Falls man stays positive


A central Newfoundland man who lost his leg 10 years ago in a freak accident says what’s kept him going is his family, along with some stubbornness and determination.

‘I’m very proud of him. He’s my hero.’ – Phillip Lingard, Jason’s father


Jason Lingard was 27 years old back in February 2007, when he and a friend were working on the carburetors on his snowmobile at his Bishop’s Falls home.

He was lifting the machine from behind when his friend pumped the gas a few times and then the unexpected happened — the snowmobile’s track busted, flying back through the air and completely severing Lingard’s lower leg and foot.

“I just looked down and my boot was gone,” he said. “I said ‘Dad, my leg. It’s gone’. He said ‘yeah it’s gone. It’s gone’.”

Jason Lingard

Jason Lingard doesn’t dwell on the fact that he has been without a lower leg for 10 years, and says the whole experience has only made him stronger. (CBC)

His father Phil remembers the day well too. He had been with the boys earlier helping with the snowmobile, but decided to walk back to the house to start cooking dinner on the BBQ.

That’s when he got a call saying his son had been in an accident and was hurt.

“I went up and I just looked at him and he was there just holding a tourniquet on his leg,” he said

“If I could have taken the pain for him I would have. That was a terrible time in our lives, but we pulled through it together all of us. He’s got a lot of fortitude.”

Jason Lingard 02

Jason Lingard, seen here in hospital in 2007, lost the lower part of his right leg after the track broke on his snowmobile while he was standing behind it, severing his leg instantly. (CBC)

Jason nearly bled to death from the accident, but eventually got medical help and started the healing process. His father found his foot four days later in a snow bank, 40 feet away from where it happened

Jason jokes that the hardest part of the whole ordeal is that he could no longer ride his dirt bike. However, he can still do a lot thanks to the help of several different prosthetic legs over the years. In fact, within six months of the accident he was putting siding on the house by himself.

Phil Lingard

Phil Lingard says the family doesn’t talk much about the day that his son Jason lost his leg, but he said he’s proud of the way his son handled the tragedy and calls him his hero. (CBC)

Jason says what kept him going was the fact that his first was son on the way at the time he lost his leg, who he knew he would have to be there for. That helped get him through, he said, plus a whole lot of stubbornness.

“It’s only a leg,” he said. “I believe that everything happens for a reason, good and bad. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

His father agrees, saying it’s amazing to see how little losing a leg has slowed down his son.

“I’m very proud of him,” he said. “He’s my hero.”