Montreal mother with daughter in car fights fine for using carpool lane


A West Island mother is frustrated she will have to take time out of her busy schedule to contest a traffic ticket for using a carpool lane.


Stéphanie Émond was slapped with a hefty fine for driving in a reserved lane for buses, taxis and vehicles with more than one passenger.

She did have a passenger with her — her young daughter, whom she had just picked up from a therapy session in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Émond was headed back to the West Island to pick up her son from school. She took the carpool lane on Sources Boulevard to save a few minutes, when an officer pulled her over.

“I showed the police officer, ‘Look my daughter is here with me in the back,’ and she told me that the passenger needs to have a driver’s licence.”

Émond got a $169 ticket. This lane on Sources Boulevard, reserved for buses, taxis and carpooling, is where Émond was pulled over. Her daughter was in the car with her at the time. (Sudha Krishnan/CBC)

“I was surprised with the cop, when she saw my daughter, that she still issued a ticket,” Émond told CBC News. “The police officer was really sure [of] what she was telling me.”

According to websites such as CAA-Quebec’s, “there is no age requirement for carpooling. ‘In fact,’ says Transport Québec spokesperson Solène Lemay, ‘a parent taking a child to daycare is assumed to be carpooling.'”

Émond says she will contest the ticket, and hopes her experience clarifies the rules for others.