Victim in South Keys shooting mourned as police hunt for suspect


Ottawa police have put out a Canada-wide arrest warrant for a 34-year-old man after a man was shot dead near South Keys on Sunday. 


Abdifatah Osman, 31 was shot dead in the backyard of a home on Patola Private in what police Chief Charles Bordeleau described as a “neighbourhood dispute gone wrong.”

Tristan Campbell, 34, is wanted on a count of second-degree murder.

According to court records, Campbell was convicted for assault causing bodily harm in 2012 and sentenced to 19 months in jail, along with a lifetime weapons ban.

“If they see Mr. Campbell they should call 911 right away. He’s considered armed and dangerous,” Bordeleau said.

Ottawa Police have issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for Tristan Campbell on a count of second-degree murder. (Supplied)

Barbecue turned violent, residents say 

Residents on Patola Private said what started as a backyard barbecue came to a violent end and lead to a five-hour lockdown of the housing complex.

Multiple neighbours told CBC News the incident started with an argument between two women, who live in rowhouse units across from each other. 

Adria Bonner, 25, said the women were arguing in the central parking lot, when a man came out of one of the houses. She saw one woman “push or punch” the man in the face — and said that’s when he pulled out a handgun. 

“He just pulled out the gun and shot her,” said Bonner, who saw the woman stumble through the gate of a backyard screaming for help. She said another man came out to help her and the man with the gun fired his weapon four or five more times.

Osman died at the scene, police said. A 24-year old woman was rushed to hospital, where she is currently in stable condition.

Multiple homes on Patola Private remained cordoned off the day after a fatal shooting in the South Keys neighbourhood. 0:28

Families worried 

The shooting occurred in a dense neighborhood with many young families.

Several parents told CBC News they worried the violence would traumatize their children.

The first 911 call came in before 7:30 p.m., but police didn’t clear the scene until well past midnight.

Many residents were in lockdown, while others weren’t allowed into their homes for several hours.

Police were responding to an active shooting and were told by witnesses the suspect had barricaded himself inside a home, said Const. Chuck Benoit. He said police had to proceed slowly and with caution as they cleared each home.

“We have communities in that whole area where there’s children and families … it becomes a safety issue for the officers and the community,” Benoit said.

On Monday, police had blocked off about a dozen homes with crime scene tape to allow forensic officers to gather evidence.

Several of the homes had toys in the yards and a play structure was less than 50 metres away from where shots were fired. Neighbours said they feel the shooting was too close for comfort.

“On any given day that’s where me and my sister go to the park,” Bonner said. “When we’re coming home, we could have been walking by that … it’s worrisome.”

Friends of Abdifatah Osman have started a fundraising drive for the father of two online and are posting tributes on social media.

Jacques Babineau said he knew the victim for more a decade and called him one of his “best friends.” 

“He was always there for everyone and he was a amazing father. He will be missed by everyone cause we all loved him” Babineau wrote in a Facebook exchange with CBC News.

Babineau said he would often accompany Osman to visit Almonte, Ont., and remembered how happy his friend looked as he took his older son fishing and swimming in the countryside.

A makeshift memorial spelling out ‘Upti’ — Osman’s nickname — is set up near the site where he was fatally shot on Sunday. (CBC News)