Dewar tells NDP MPs to reject cynicism and stick to their values


Remember why you ran for public office, stick to your values and convictions and always reject cynicism and populism as you work to make Canada a better place.


That was the message former NDP MP Paul Dewar delivered today to his former caucus colleagues — one he said he hopes they will continue to carry with them.

Dewar, who represented Ottawa Centre from 2006 to 2015 and also sought the party’s leadership in 2012, revealed over the weekend that his brain cancer is terminal.

Dewar said he also reminded his former colleagues that while every NDP leader has put their own mark on the party, New Democrats are defined by a desire to look out for those who are not heard, and to promote equality for all.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said Dewar delivered a powerful message to caucus and that the former MP remains an inspiration for many.

Other NDP MPs say Dewar’s address to caucus was an emotional moment, one that gave them a chance to take stock of why they got into politics in the first place.