Temporary bike lane plans changed on Holland Avenue


Good morning commuters!


Boundary Road is still closed between Mitch Owens and Thunder roads for emergency repairs. There are marked detours in place.

I’m still getting your emailed traffic and commuter gripes.

Today, I’ve got one from listener Michel who has issues with his bike to work, related to the reconstruction of the Harmer Avenue overpass that links Wellington West and the Civic Hospital neighbourhood.

He writes …

“When the Harmer Avenue pedestrian/cycling bridge is under construction over the next two years, it will be unavailable as a crossing over the Queensway.

At the open house in March, the city’s design team described its plan to put temporary cycling lanes on Holland Avenue during the construction.

The plan has now changed, there will be no cycling lanes on Holland Avenue so as not to take away on street parking spaces.

I think this is putting the safety of a significant number of cyclists — especially students at Fisher Park Public School — at risk to cater to the needs of a few residents and on street parking.”

The local councillor said people living on Holland Avenue are strongly against the loss of street parking, so the city will instead allow cyclists to ride on the sidewalk between Byron Avenue and Kenilworth Street.

(Jeff Leiper wrote he’d like a better detour than that).

We’re starting to get some feedback after this story was tweeted:

I’m wondering how others feel about this?

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