3D speed ‘humps’ coming to Ottawa


Ottawa’s first three-dimensional speed hump is coming to a road near Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre, as part of a pilot project aimed at slowing down motorists in the area.


The mid-block markings, which use textured paint to give the illusion of a raised speed hump, will be painted on Othello Avenue between Wingate Drive and Chapman Boulevard.

The speed hump is not a crosswalk.

City staff will study traffic speeds both before and after installation to determine whether the markings have the desired effect.

The speed hump will be officially unveiled by Mayor Jim Watson and Coun. Jean Cloutier Friday. 

Last month, the Montreal borough of Outremont joined countries including Germany, France, India and Iceland by painting 3D crosswalks on its roads. 

The Montreal borough of Outremont has painted three-dimensional crosswalks on its roads in an attempt to slow down motorists. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)