Bacon Jam


If bacon makes everything taste better, then bacon jam makes it taste AMAZING? Whether you serve it on burgers or with a cheese plate, this jam will take your party to the next level.


I was a vegetarian for more than decade until one fateful camping trip along the rocky hillside of Fort Robinson State Park. After that point, I knew I’d be a carnivore for all the days that lay ahead. Hint: It involved bacon.

Bacon: A Love Story

I’d fallen in love with a hunter, and I’d been dabbling with eating poultry for a few months prior to that trip. My life was quickly changing. All night long, I laid awake in our tent listening to the howls and yips of coyotes coming from every direction.

Consequently, when I finally did fall asleep, I slept late, and didn’t notice when my then boyfriend (now husband) left the tent to start breakfast. He brought along unseasoned turkey sausage for me, and bacon—real, smoky crispy bacon—for him.

Best Bacon Jam Recipe cook the onions and garlic

When I emerged from the tent, he handed me a plate of pale and unappetizing turkey sausage (this was 16 years ago; turkey sausage has come a long way since then). Then, he sat down to eat the crispy strips of bacon he’d fried up for himself.

I couldn’t help myself. I tried a piece and that was the beginning of the end. I ate ALL THE BACON that day. All of it. We hiked all morning, then stopped at a café in a nearby town for lunch. I ate my first BLT since early childhood. Of course, I ordered it with extra bacon.

It was what dreams were made of: smoky, salty, sweet.

I ended up getting terribly sick, probably because my body wasn’t used to it. But I fought my way through. It was another six years before I ate beef, but after letting my body adjust, I started to enjoy bacon in moderation.

Bacon Onion Jam

Bacon Jam For Burgers!

I have to say bacon jam on a juicy grilled burger is one of the best things this side of Fort Robinson. It allows me to enjoy the essence of bacon without revisiting my earlier over-indulgences.

Bacon jam balances sweet and salty flavors for a burger topping that takes your backyard barbecue to the next level.

How to Make Bacon Jam

The time it takes to make the recipe is mostly wrapped up in frying the bacon. Once that’s done the rest of it comes together quickly, and in one pan, no less.

Feel free to dice the bacon as small as you like, but I prefer larger 1-inch pieces chunks of bacon. It’s not so big that you can’t bite through it along with the fixings, but it’s still substantial enough that you get a good taste of bacon with every bite.

Think of it like big pieces of smoky, bacon bits floating in a sea of sweet sauce. It takes me back to the bacon and maple syrup flavors of my childhood.

Ways to Use Bacon Jam

This jam pairs well with other burger toppings such as lettuce, mayo, and red onion or our blue cheese burger sauce. Add it to grilled cheese sandwiches, spoon it into soups, add it to a holiday cheese plate, top your salad, or add it to roasted vegetables.

And if you think more bacon is always better, what about bacon jam to a BLT? The possibilities are endless.

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