Marijuana Addiction – An Epidemic on The Horizon


LEEDS & 1000 ISLANDS – Chris Fagan, the owner of the 1000 Islands Wellness and Treatment Centre, is sounding the alarm on what he identifies as an upcoming addiction crisis with Marijuana. Chris started his treatment and addiction centre as a result of his personal experience with Fentanyl addiction and he see’s the warning signs now that Marijuana has been legalized in Canada.


Less than a month into the legalization of Marijuana across the Country, there are many unanswered questions on what the long-term impact marijuana will have on Canadians. Fagan notes that in the months leading-up to legalization he has already seen a rise in the number of patients seeking addiction relief from pot. “I am worried that we are already seeing upward trends and that was before it was even legal.”

Another concern expressed by Fagan is with youth and the impact pot legalization will have on brain development. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction already estimated that Canadian youth were more than twice as likely to report past-year cannabis use compared to adults. They also document that “Chronic cannabis use has been shown to impair various cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory and decision making and that it will increase a person’s risk for developing psychotic symptoms and schizophrenia when started early in life.”

“I am concerned when I see the glamorization of pot and it’s use, whether it is in music videos or people like Snoop Dogg endorsing its use or playing down it’s addictive properties. The bottom line is that marijuana is an addictive substance that puts our youth at risk.”
In the meantime, Fagan and his organization plan to continue to watch the situation and make sure that they keep open channels of communication with the community on the risks of Marijuana use and Addiction issues.