Fire at Northmart grocery-merchandise store in Iqaluit forces evacuations


An early-morning fire at the Northmart store in Iqaluit has forced the evacuation of nearby homes, including for seniors, as crews work to put out the blaze and respond to other fires reported in the area. 


“We got a call at 2 a.m. that there was a fire in the store, and we came down and there was a big fire,” said Hassan Kassar, assistant manager of Northmart, one of two retailers selling groceries and merchandise to people in the Nunavut capital.

“Unfortunately we are going to be closed today obviously with the situation we are in, until we are able to get into the building and assess what the situation is,” said Kassar.

The fire is one of several blazes, also affecting another building and multiple vehicles, reported Wednesday night and early this morning, all in the same area.

RCMP, and municipal enforcement and firefighters are all attending to them.

With files from Kieran Oudshoorn