Michael Barrett demands Thalidomide compensation for survivors as promised in 2018 budget


Michael Barrett, Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville – Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, explains that he recently wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding that he “do the right thing,” and compensate the Forgotten Survivors of Thalidomide.


“The Liberal budget in the spring promised compensation and on two occasions in the House of Commons the prime minister plainly stated it was coming,” says Barrett.

“I asked him to compensate them for their more than 50 years of suffering as the health committee recommended, and do it immediately.”

Barrett explains that former MP Gord Brown worked on the Thalidomide compensation issue for several years and was pleased when the government set aside money in the spring budget for compensation.

“He did caution however that there were no details in the budget,” explains Barrett.

Meanwhile, some of the Forgotten Survivors have begun a class-action against the government.

“I understand their frustration but it shouldn’t have to go that far. The government has acknowledged that they deserve compensation and has acknowledged in parliament that they are working on the plan. It’s time to end the delays,” says Barrett.

His letter notes that yet another Christmas has arrived while survivors’ health and quality of life continue to deteriorate.

He notes he is eager to take his place in the House and he will press this issue if it is not resolved.