Clear the snow off your vehicle….. or else!


Winter is here and that means all drivers have a responsibility in keeping the roads safe.


Leeds OPP Inspector Mike Francis said officers will be out patrolling the roads all winter long, as they do throughout the year, ensuring that motorists are obeying the law. He said “Motorists need to remember to adjust their driving habits with the change of weather.”

He reminds motorists that not properly clearing the snow off of your vehicle could cost you.

The Highway Traffic Act says you have to be able to clearly see out your front, front sides and rear windows. The fine is a total of $110 and it’s up to police to decide what “clearly” means, but Francis said ‘it doesn’t mean scraping a small space on your windshield.’

Be a responsible and safe driver. Take a few minutes in this case to remove the snow rather than putting yourself and everyone else that uses the road at risk of a collision.