Timberrrrr! Bruins behemoth Chara sent tumbling by Capitals’ Ovechkin


Alexander Ovechkin put Zdeno Chara in unfamiliar territory early in Washington’s win over the Boston Bruins on Thursday.


Chara, the NHL’s tallest player ever at six-foot-nine, was flipped head over heels into the Capitals’ bench on a shove from the six-foot-three Ovechkin late in the first period.

WATCH | Ovechkin sends Chara flying: 

‘Pick on someone your own size’ does not apply here 0:28

The TD Garden crowd gasped, but play continued and there was no immediate on-ice retaliation. The Bruins captain tumbled back onto the ice quickly and rejoined the play.

The 41-year-old Chara has made a name for himself delivering bruising hits.

Adding insult to injury, Ovechkin scored his league-leading 31st and 32nd goals in the Capitals’ 4-2 win.