Unwanted Duo


On the evening of the 18th the night patrol responded to a disturbance in the downtown core to an apartment above businesses that a young male and female were causing problems for the resident’s and needed to be removed.  On police arrival the two were found in the common area of the building.  These two individuals are dealt with frequently by this service.  The male was on a term of probation not to be in the company of the female.  The 20 year old male was arrested for the breach and the 23 year old female was sent on her way.


The following day on the 19th police responded back to the same area for a screaming female causing a scene.  It was the same female from the previous night.  She became so irrational that she had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.  She was left in the care of the emergency room staff.  No charges are pending. 

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