Brockville has a Salt Cave! 



A new small room with a powerful punch of healing with six different ways to better health.

As you walk into the room, an amazing Himalayan Salt wall greets you with it’s artistic patterned salt bricks; with an LED chromo therapy light system behind it, (which may help individuals suffering from seasonal disorder, depression, and even anxiety).  Also, an infrared Himalayan Salt Tower, a Barn Board Healing Chakra Wall, and Nikken magnetic padded anti-gravity chair system, and a Medical Graded Halogenerator, Brockville’s Salt Room is open for business.

What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy, also known as Dry Salt therapy, which is a holistic approach that mimics the microclimate of a salt cave.  Dry salt air is dispersed into an enclosed environment through a unique process generated by a Halogenerator.  This type of treatment is a safe and effective way of using salt’s natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and super absorbent properties to provide relief for respiratory, and skin conditions.

The salt wall changes colour quite frequently during a session, which provides stimulation for the individual in the already extremely comfy gravity chair with Nikken Magnetic lounge pads . An infrared tower sits midway along one wall, with internal temperatures rising to 150 degrees, to emanate the negative ions into the air.

A Healing Chakra Wall permeates out of the barn board that covers the north wall, beneficial to all who accept the belief that rocks and crystals have such energy. Non-believers are still known to comment on the calming sensation they achieve.

“I have heard people say that this room gives them an inner peace, and a deeper Zen feeling then they were expecting,” explained Arlene Laberge. “Some people may be more receptive to one crystal than another. Several people donated rocks and crystals for the wall, making it very unique.”

“Mustang Ridge Farms”, located in New Dublin, was in the process of taking down a barn, and committed to a certain amount of barn board at a very reasonable cost to help with the development of the project. “They shared a belief in what I was doing,” added Laberge. They were instrumental in her decision on which boards would best work for the project.  “We were able to keep something very historical within our local community, and I feel really great about that” states Laberge.

“This room has been in the works for 3 years” explained Laberge. “I found out about halotherapy because my husband is ill. We were trying to find a way to help alleviate his inflammatory lung issues, and keep his immune system up to keep him healthy. We found halotherapy to be very helpful for him.”

Laberge, who works in reflexology, and intuitive massage, thought this would be a great additive to her business.

When the project first began to take shape, it was thought that the room was small, perhaps too small, but in the end, a small quaint room has been more receptive than initially anticipated.

Some of the benefits of Dry Halotherapy;

Halotherapy helps with respiratory issues and skin conditions, enhances athletic performance, boosts the immune system and improves an over all sense of well-being!  It also helps in addition, those who suffer from the following conditions can greatly benefit from the Halotherapy

·        Allergies

·        Cold/Flu/Sinusitis

·        Cystic Fibrosis

·        Asthma

·        Psoriasis

·        Bro   nchitis

·        Pneumonia

·        Bronchial Infections

·        Rhinitis

·        ear infections

·        Sinus Infections

·        Emphysema

·        Smoker’s Cough

·        Dermatitis

·        Snoring

·        Ear Infections

·        Stress and Fatigue

·        Eczema

·        Wheezing

·        Improved Sleeping Habits


Brockville’s Salt Room opened January 2nd, 2019 in the Mint Wellness facility located at 125 Stewart Blvd , Unit # 7 . The Halotherapy Salt Room is able to book appointments from Monday to Saturday from 8am – 8pm.  The room  accommodates  4 people per session.  It is highly recommended that you call ahead for an appointment rather than attempting a ‘walk-in’.  Sessions run every hour on the hour and last fifty minutes.

Laberge also advises that it is wise to arrive a few minutes early in order to fill out your introductory paperwork. The room is also equipped with a linoleum floor (rather than salt) which will accommodate any mobility issues and make it wheelchair accessible. Pets can also be accommodated as it is believed that Salt Rooms hold great healing benefits for pets.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website at: or email  [email protected] or by calling Arlene at 613-498-5263