Kingston cyclist charged with striking bus during angry tirade


Police have charged a Kingston, Ont., cyclist who allegedly went on a violent public tirade against a bus driver last month that delayed numerous routes and potentially endangered a small child.


On June 23, a Kingston Transit bus operator had completed a stop in the downtown and was merging back into traffic when a cyclist tried to flag her down, police said.

Since it was unsafe to stop, the driver continued on her way.

When she stopped at the intersection of Bath Road and Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard, the cyclist pulled in front of the bus, police said.

He then placed a child who’d been sitting in the bike’s rear seat on the road and started screaming at the driver, taking her photo and striking the front window, police said.

Sped away

After a few minutes, police said the man gathered up the child and pedalled away through a red light.

He then stopped the bus again further west on Bath Road, police said.

The man’s actions caused major backups to the city’s transit network, with numerous routes and transfers affected by the delays, Kingston police said. Passengers on the bus also were concerned about the safety of the child, they said.

The 50-year-old man was arrested July 10 and was charged with causing a disturbance and obstructing property under $5,000.

Kingston police said they did not know what sparked the man’s outburst.