Pothole thoughts pop up in summer


Good morning commuters!


That’s muggy stuff this morning.

It will be a bit gross for those who bike or walk to work. I don’t imagine the buses will be delightful, either.

The good thing is the commute shouldn’t be a particularly busy one. It’s been a decent week, in terms of volume.

There’s still been tragedy, with Monday’s fatal motorcycle crash.

Summer pothole thoughts

Listener John wrote to me about potholes.

He’s had a great experience with the city responding to ones he’s reported, but he is curious if there are city crews whose job it is to patrol for them, or if they solely respond to reports.

Good question. I don’t know.

City of Ottawa crews give a pothole-patching demonstration in February 2018. (Reno Patry/CBC)

I can tell you about two craters I could do without though: there’s one on Woodridge Crescent right in front of the Bayshore bus stops in the right lane. Takes up most of the lane.

The other is construction-made. It’s on eastbound Richmond Road in Westboro just after the Circle K gas station across from the Subaru dealership.

I have low-profile tires. These holes are awful.

Have a great day!

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