Monday, August 21, 2017
031017 discipline

Positive Parenting – What is Assertive Discipline?

What do you consider assertive discipline? Is it just another word for punishment? Or is it something altogether different? What if we consider it to be a learning opportunity that guides our children on their journey to adulthood?

041316 seniors

South East Local Health Integration Network Seeks Feedback to Guide Older Adult Strategy

The South East LHIN is seeking feedback to help inform a strategy being developed to address the needs of older adults in the South East region through a survey being offered on the LHIN’s website until the end of April.

conversations w kerri

Conversations with Kerri – Red Ball Syndrome

We've all done it, had it done to us or have seen it in action - "Red Ball Syndrome".

Local Gas Prices

Lowest Gas Prices in Brockville
conversations w kerri

Conversations with Kerri – Dating in 2016

Ahhh 2016, the year that many will want to pass by and leave in the past. Many idols lost, politics a mess, climate change undeniable, and the romantic world... What romance?

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