Sunday, April 21, 2019

TED 2019: The $50 lab burger transforming food

TED fellow Bruce Friedrich tells the TED conference about his vision for the future of food.

Vodafone ‘gigafast’ ad banned after Virgin Media complaint

The promotion described broadband packages as being "gigafast" that did not offer 1Gbps speeds.

Apple and Qualcomm settle billion-dollar lawsuit

The surprise settlement brings a long-running legal battle between the two tech firms to an end.

TED 2019: Twitter boss offers to demote likes and follows

Jack Dorsey has been talking at TED about the changes the platform is considering.

PlayStation 5: Sony reveals first details of next-gen console

Sony's next-gen console, which will replace the PS4, will be much faster and include improved audio.

Game of Thrones: Now TV glitch hits Apple TV owners

Sky's Now TV app failed to load for some viewers while displaying a degraded version of the show.

Epilepsy charity calls for social media seizure warnings

People with epilepsy are being exposed to flashing images, some deliberately, says a charity.

Facebook challenged to give TED talk on political ads

Journalist Carole Cadwalladr challenges Mark Zuckerberg to address TED about "election fraud".

How can you stop your kids viewing harmful web content?

Is content filtering tech the answer or is education and discussion the key to keeping kids safe?

Amazon ‘flooded by fake five-star reviews’ – Which? report

Top-rated reviews on popular items are dominated by unknown brands, consumer group Which? finds.