Friday, July 19, 2019

Politics of automation: Factory workers and robots

Humans and robots working together in a factory may excite some tech geeks, but worry others who fear job losses.

Monsters and power-ups in new go-kart experience

Drivers can score points by shooting virtual monsters while racing each other.

University of Suffolk hosts all-female games jam

Organisers hope the "amazing" opportunity will help encourage more women into the gaming industry.

‘My son spent £3,160 in one game’

As politicians call for more regulation, you share your stories about children spending money within games.

Does 5G pose health risks?

Exposure from mobile networks including 5G fall well below limits set by international regulators.

Galileo sat-nav system experiences service outage

"Europe's GPS" goes offline as it grapples with a technical glitch in its ground infrastructure.

Reef rescue: Could this robot help save corals?

The submersible robot delivers baby corals to damaged areas allowing reefs to regenerate.

Esports: Trying to make millions through video gaming

Top stars of Esports, or competitive video gaming, can earn millions of dollars a year doing without breaking a sweat.

Norfolk village celebrates first transatlantic flight, 100 years on

The village of Pulham made history when it welcomed an airship's heroic crew.

Cambridge Analytica: ‘US regulators approve $5bn Facebook fine’

The reported fine would be the largest ever levied by the Federal Trade Commission on a tech company.