Thursday, July 18, 2019

Facebook sorry for ‘disturbing’ disabled comment

The social network apologised for saying people might find images of disabled people "disturbing".

Lush quits social media in UK

The cosmetics firm is closing several of its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Sony creates colossal 16K screen in Japan

The tech firm is installing a screen that is bigger than a bus in the offices of a cosmetics firm.

Men accused of $1m fake iPhone scam

Two Chinese men studying at an American university are accused of submitting fraudulent repair claims.

Bitcoin mining ban considered by China’s economic planner

China's economic planning agency adds Bitcoin creation to a list of activities that may be outlawed.

Should cyber-security be more chameleon, less rhino?

Israeli researchers think it's time we changed our approach to securing our computers from hackers.

Huawei wi-fi modules were pulled from Pakistan CCTV system

BBC Panorama discovered that Huawei was told to remove the kit because of the "potential of misuse".

Online safety: ‘The urgency is huge’

Ian Russell's daughter, Molly, took her own life in 2017. Ian believes Instagram is partly to blame for her death.

Satellites used to protect endangered sharks

Earth observation satellites are proving to be valuable tools in protecting rare sharks, say scientists.

Windrush: Home Office admits data breach in compensation scheme

The immigration minister says email addresses of individuals and organisations were shared by mistake.